Compliance & Risk Management

Holding the right tools for regulatory challenge

New technologies and global regulations continue to reshape the terrain in which financial services firms operate.  To comply with a myriad of global banking rules, firms must change their practices, and position themselves differently in the marketplace. Watch video: The Importance of Partnerships —Thomson Reuters and Murex According to Maroun

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Photographer: Rezvani/Fars News Photographer: Rezvani/Fars News

Harnessing the power of data to identify supply chain risk

How can firms ensure their supply chains do not tarnish their reputation or trigger an unwelcome prosecution? Thorough due diligence depends on access to high-quality data. Hardly a day goes by without a company being dragged into the media or regulatory spotlight because of actions within their supply chain. There

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Photographer: Parth Sanyal Photographer: Parth Sanyal

Tainted timber: cutting down risk in the supply chain

Illegal logging is not just a major environmental crime, it is one of the world’s most profitable organized criminal activities. Can firms be sure their supply chains are not contributing to this trade? Attracted by low risk and high rewards, the world’s criminal gangs are turning their attention to the

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Bangladeshi labourers pile timber on the bank of the river Buriganga in Dhaka Photographer: Rafiqur Rahman

Will FX industry adhere to new code of conduct?

Efforts to rebuild trust in FX markets are focusing on a new voluntary code of conduct. Its chief architect has addressed an event hosted by Thomson Reuters in Sydney, Australia on the challenge of ensuring compliance.  The launch of the FX Global Code of Conduct marks an important milestone for

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Riders climb in single file at the Alto de Aguilar de Codes on the third stage of the Vuelta del Pais Vasco near Orduna Photographer: Vincent West

China data purge leaves market in the dark

Measuring Chinese demand appears to be much harder after Beijing halted the release of many key commodity statistics. This may fuel concerns about transparency and leave market players scrambling for other sources of data. China’s crackdown on commodity output data, in the wake of allegations concerning the illegal selling of

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Photographer: Jason Lee Photographer: Jason Lee

Chinese banks respond to regulatory scrutiny by investing in compliance

Regulatory investigations in the U.S. and Europe are forcing China’s major banks to slow their aggressive expansion into the global financial market and focus instead on significant shortcomings in their risk management and compliance programs. Government encouragement leads to global expansion The Chinese government began encouraging Chinese companies to invest

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REUTERS/Carlos Barria REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Survey finds potential personal liability impacting compliance profession

A recent survey shows that increased scrutiny from both the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — both of whom have declared their intent to hold individuals personally liable for corporate misconduct — has many chief compliance officers (CCOs) reconsidering their chosen profession. As personal

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Is your business prepared for the risks of Brexit?

Are you revisiting your business models in the wake of the vote by the United Kingdom in favor of Brexit? How will you identify new, emerging risks? Whether your business is in manufacturing, financial services, technology, or another industry, your organization will want to review its business models for potential

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Photographer: Eric Vidal Photographer: Eric Vidal

Singapore central bank dedicating departments to aml and enforcement

Singapore is yet another country to recognize the need for stronger AML efforts; as money laundering continues to disrupt the global economy and AML regulations continue to increase, companies worldwide need to address their own AML efforts and policies as well. Singapore is strengthening its anti-money laundering (AML) prevention and

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Home improvement company to pay $8.6 million in EEOC settlement

The importance of ADA compliance is highlighted by the EEOC’s settlement of a major employment discrimination suit. A nationwide hardware and home improvement chain will pay US$8.6 million to settle an employment discrimination suit. The settlement ends an action taken by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) against the

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REUTERS/Carlos Barria REUTERS/Carlos Barria