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How can firms make the most of their data infrastructure?

Buy-side and sell-side firms are getting smart in anticipation of considerable industry changes. How can capital market firms get ahead of the competition when advanced analytics, machine learning and big data rely on powerful and dynamic data infrastructures? Through focusing on data warehouses, companies can revolutionize their alpha generation from

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Photographer: Yves Herman Photographer: Yves Herman

Overloaded firms facing more regulatory pain

As compliance officers continue to complain of regulatory fatigue, a major annual survey reveals that few expect the burden to diminish in the coming year. The sheer volume and scope of regulatory change, coupled with concerns about the personal liability of compliance managers, has made the regulatory landscape increasingly hard

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Photographer: Stefan Wermuth Photographer: Stefan Wermuth

Are regulators out of step on fund valuations?

Valuation standards have come under scrutiny since the 2008 financial crisis across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. How do the standards of these proposals compare globally? Valuation is a mission critical feature of fund management that is dynamic and changing as regulators and policymakers attempt to ensure that history does not

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Photographer: Mario Armas Photographer: Mario Armas

Will Euro 2016 and the Olympics be tainted by corruption?

With Euro 2016 underway and the countdown to the 2016 Olympics in Rio gathering pace, the question of how to tackle corruption in sport is as poignant as ever. Only last year FIFA, world football’s governing body, was engulfed by allegations of widespread corruption. Meanwhile, infrastructure projects for the Olympic

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Photograhper: Arnd Wiegmann Photograhper: Arnd Wiegmann

Dodd-Frank: what has been the impact of the Conflict Minerals law?

Also known as the “Conflict Minerals” law, Dodd-Frank Section 1502 was enacted in the USA in 2013. Here, we assess who is affected, the global impact and the outlook going forward. What is Dodd-Frank Section 1502? Dodd-Frank Section 1502 directly impacts the products consumers buy, the manufacturing processes and the

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Photographer: Victoria Averrill Photographer: Victoria Averrill

Top 10 checklist for asset managers in 2016

Asset managers are under scrutiny from regulators like never before. Ensuring compliance has meant dealing with these 10 regulatory issues in 2016. New and forthcoming regulations have turned the spotlight on the asset management industry and made 2016 a particularly challenging year for all firms. The General Data Protection Regulation,

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Photographer: Pichi Chuang Photographer: Pichi Chuang

Has Paris deal injected life into carbon market?

The Paris agreement on climate change was hailed as a triumph by world leaders, but how do those in the carbon market view the accord and its impact on emissions trading? A mood of optimism appears to have been injected into the carbon market after December’s historic Paris agreement saw 195

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Photographer: Gonzalo Fuentes Photographer: Gonzalo Fuentes

Version 3.2 of PCI data security standards reinforces need for effective controls

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council recently issued an updated version of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for merchants using and processing credit and debit card payments. While these standards are voluntary through January 31, 2018, noncompliance leaves companies subject to an increased risk of a

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