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How digitalization is changing wealth management

Digitalization is forcing wealth managers, particularly in Asia, to evolve and adapt the way they interact and provide services to their clients. The emphasis on technology and use of mobile channels in Asia’s wealth management industry is best illustrated in China, where there has been an unprecedented and rapid generational

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Colourful boats are pictured during the opening of the boating season at Alte Donau in Vienna Photographer: Lisi Niesner

Why isn’t ERM doing more for shareholder value?

How effective is your organization’s risk culture? It appears that some firms need to take a closer look at training, technology and the role of compensation packages. A new Thomson Reuters survey shows that Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs are struggling against significant obstacles to deliver shareholder value to their organizations.

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Labourers inspect and repair an electricity pylon in Yingtan Photographer: Stringer

The evolving relationship between buy-side and sell-side traders

Despite growth of trading technologies, the role and expertise of the sales trader in fixed-income and equity trading desks is still critical to serving clients, whether they prefer high-touch or low-touch trading services. And competitive pressures, market realities and customer requirements all play a role in the service models firms

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Photographer: Rafael Marchante Photographer: Rafael Marchante

AML lessons: 6 ways to stay compliant

A crackdown against failings in anti-money laundering controls in Singapore highlights six areas for firms to consider in order to stay compliant. Singapore’s central bank has ordered a Zurich-based private bank’s Singapore branch to cease operating because of “a persistent and severe lack of understanding” of the city-state’s money laundering controls. Download

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Photo illustration of bank notes and coins of various currencies including the Singapore dollar. Photographer: Edgar Su

Will the buy-side champion disruption and digital innovation?

As profit pools and talent shift to the buy-side, will it take the lead in capital markets by adopting technology innovations? Managing retirement and investment funds is indeed an onerous responsibility that, if done right, can make a significant difference to individuals, institutions and the overall economy. Find out more

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Why customer and third party due diligence must evolve

More companies are realising the need to go beyond a tick-box approach to customer and third party due diligence In the last few years we have seen some of the highest fines levied on financial institutions and multinationals because they did not follow proper customer due diligence measures. Download full

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Photographer: Claro Cortes Photographer: Claro Cortes

Regulatory pressure is on — everyone is feeling the heat

When we think of sanctions breaking, we usually picture the fines which have been levied on the big banks. These fines often run into the tens of millions of dollars and higher, which are then reported extensively in newspapers and television. Download the full infographic — Fines for Banks That

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Photographer: REUTERS/Stephen Lam Photographer: REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Serving the need for a tradable RMB Index

Global market participants are increasingly looking to monitor Renminbi (RMB) movements, hedge RMB exchange rate risk when managing RMB investment portfolios and to monetise views on the RMB exchange rate. To serve such needs, a transparent and tradable RMB index and exchange rate tools based on it are desirable. Read

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Man holding red umbrella in severe rain Photographer: Paul Yeung

Illegal logging: can you manage the supply chain risk?

Illegal logging is estimated to be the largest of all environmental crimes. Firms need to consider how they can prevent their supply chains from contributing to this trade.  Attracted by low risk and high rewards, the world’s criminal gangs are turning their attention to the practice of illegal logging. Their operations span

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Employee measures trunk of logs at Boguchansky wood processing plant in Taiga forest in Krasnoyarsk region Photographer: Ilya Naymushin

What’s next for fintech and the buy-side?

Fintech disruption of the buy-side has focused on wealth management and payments, but is technology about to catch up with those still on the periphery? Tighter budgets, increasing compliance demands and lower profitability have meant that the technology teams at financial institutions have had to drastically cut back investment in innovation. But this, accompanied

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Helping compliance to manage regulatory change

With new regulatory alerts being issued at an unprecedented rate, compliance teams must work out the best way to monitor and manage change. Today’s regulatory landscape is more challenging than ever, with increased scrutiny by regulators, less time for organizations to react and stricter enforcement actions for violations. These new demands

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Honey bees swarm on a honeycomb at Al Taryyaq farm in Jordan Valley Photgrapher:Ali Jarekji